[UPDATED] SMTown Live NYC Confirmed!

Well folks, it’s been officially confirmed by SME!  SMTown Live World Tour NYC will be held October 23rd at Madison Square Garden!!  I’m going crazyyy %&$#@$$ already!  We’ll let you know more as soon as details become available!


From S.M.Entertainment Official facebook:

August 31, 2011

SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR to be Held at America’s most Prestigious Arena, Madison Square Garden, in New York on October 23rd!

Heart of American Pop, New York, has Already Thrilled, Following Seoul, LA, Paris and Tokyo

Proving SM’s Global Power!

SM artists’ joint concert, SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR, will be held at Madison Square Garden (New York) which is considered as the most prestigious arena in the American pop industry.

SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR has been fascinating music fans all over the world by holding successful concerts in Seoul, LA, Tokyo, and Paris and is expected to captivate music fans in America by performing at Madison Square Garden (in Manhattan, New York) on October 23rd for 15,000 audiences.

Especially, Madison Square Garden is regarded as a ‘Dream Stage’ by pop stars in the world and has held various world-renowned artists’ stages such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, etc. And also, it is the home stadium of America’s famous NBA basketball team, New York Knicks. Therefore, it showed the global brand power of SM which started the K-pop fever in New York.

In fact, New York concert is not the first concert in United States. 15,000 tickets of SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in LA, which was held at LA Staples Center (US) in September 2010, were sold out and entered the Top 10 of the BOXCORE chart on American Billboard magazine. It was a successful concert which led to the SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS which was held in June.

Meanwhile, SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan for three days (September 2nd ~ September 4th) with 150,000 seats.

Seating layout:

According to Livenation and Koreaboo, the floor will be split into three different sections as opposed to the SMTOWN LA floor layout of four sections.

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net, facebook.com/smtown, Koreaboo, Livenation

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