Two years later, who’s still obsessed with Sunny?

On yesterday’s episode of Strong Heart, Sunny revealed that a male celebrity constantly contacted her – perhaps to the point of obsession – during his time in the army…

That person was none other than Boom.

She said that she received video calls from him asking for her help. One time he called and said, “Sunny, don’t hang up. Hold on,” after which he showed her on his phone to the more than ecstatic soldiers.

Although she had no makeup on, Boom reassured her by saying, “You’re very pretty and perfect. Could you say hi?”

As expected of Sunny, a greeting would not suffice; instead the soldiers were shown some of her (notoriously) popular aegyo: “Oppas, I bet you’re tired. Fighting!”

Furthermore, Boom once called Sunny late at night to express his thoughts relating to his role as an MC in Korea. Supposedly, he told Sunny (despite her telling him she was busy), “Kang Hodong (Strong Heart’s main host) and Yoo Jaesuk are the nation’s MCs, they’re the best. But how long do you think they’ll be the greatest? I don’t think they’re going to last much longer. They need young blood, it’ll open up soon.”

A now nervous Boom denied the veracity of the story, saying that he was “100% joking,” although Sunny admitted that she felt he was completely serious.

It’s no secret that Boom’s Soshi bias is Sunny (here and here), and Super Junior’s Leeteuk re-enforced Boom’s obsession with the girls, particularly Sunny, by revealing that Boom’s phone’s wallpaper is a picture of her.

This was Boom’s first Strong Heart appearance after being discharged from the army in August, as displayed by the large block letters in the set’s background that read “BOOM’S BACK.” Guests Hyoyeon, Sunny and even collected Seohyun attempted his BOOM’S BACK ssanti dance. You can watch the unsubbed episode here.

The second part of the girls’ appearance will be aired next week on September 13. This time maknae has a story to tell about meeting a man who made her heart flutter. (Any guesses?)

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