More Soshitoons To Brighten Your Day !

Remember the comic series “The Life Of A SONE” featured here and here a few months back ? Well, guess what……


more episodes are now available for SONEs everywhere to enjoy ;) !

Yes, the talented people behind this great Soshi comic series are back with more funny (and, unsurprisingly for a SONE at least, rather true) situations that we, as fans of the 9 earthly angels, face in our daily walk in this Soshi fandom :D .

So sit back, grab your favourite goguma (고구마) snack and a glass of soju (소주), and enjoy the fun !

(Personally, I kind of agree with the characters in the 2nd Soshitoons comic strip: it’s almost impossible to find a person who has all the positive attributes of our favourite 9 ladies ;) . Hope, however, always springs eternal for us SONEs, right :D .)


by: Kenneth@snsdkorean





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2 responses to “More Soshitoons To Brighten Your Day !”

  1. Modern Seoul says :

    love the comic but other things are hard to read because of your background 😦

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