Teaser Photos: Sunny and Hyoyeon!

Following Taeyeon’s teaser photo, in which we saw our kid leader transform into an aristocratic young lady from the late eighteenth century, SM Entertainment has released two new photos of Sunny and Hyoyeon.

Perhaps the biggest clue in yesterday’s teaser was the bitten apple in Taeyeon’s hand, evocative of Snow White’s poisoned apple, which elicited fans to speculate that the concept might be princesses or fairy tales. Today’s new teasers strengthen the latter: Sunny’s vibrant red cloak bears resemblance to Little Red Riding Hood while Hyoyeon looks almost doll-like.

With such a striking difference from Taeyeon’s photo, the concept still isn’t completely clear. We’ll just have to wait a few more days for more photos… which could either solidify postulated concepts or hurl the fandom into even more speculation.

Oh SM, you tease.

Wallies by JaeCee@snsdkorean.com:



16:10 versions:
Sunny Hyoyeon

Source: Nate, yurui.egloos.com

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