Driving with SoKa? Not the best idea….

I’ve been pretty bummed by the recent lack of SoKa (Soshi + Kara)… and with SNSD’s comeback delayed it looks like my hope of them promoting together just got flushed down the toilet. :( ANYWAYS… How did we even get to that topic? Ah yes, on the recent episode of KBS’s ‘Secret‘, Jessica dished the dirt on Kara’s Goo Hara‘s driving skills (or apparent lack of) through a pre-recorded clip.

Translation – imwhywhy@twitter

Hello I’m Hara’s close unnie SNSD Jessica, today the secret I’m revealing about Hara is, Hara can’t park a car. She only drives straight but doesn’t know how to go backwards. When she came to find me, she could only go to places where valet parking is available. Hara ya quickly learn how to park a car!


So Sica has no direction sense and Hara can’t park…. *flashes warning signs*

Speaking of SNSD and driving…. hit the jump for more~

LOLLOLLOLOL!!! (I drive like Sooyoung… beware the grey i30 :P )

Sources: As tagged, Wenting@soshified, ssfcedge@youtube

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