SeoHae for 2011 Asia Song Festival!

For the upcoming 2011 Asia Song Festival on the 15th of October, Super Junior’s Donghae and Soshi’s Seohyun will collaborate and sing the festival’s theme song, “Dreams come true” for free!

The theme song was composed by famous composer Cho Youngsoo and will be made available as a digital single on the 11th. All proceeds from the song will be donated to UNICEF to help children facing famine in East African countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti. The song will also be sung by the pair and all other singers present at the end of the Asia Song Festival held the Daegu stadium.

Seohyun stated:

I think it’s an extremely meaningful thing, being able to help children facing famine in East Africa with my talent.


The co-host of the 2011 Asia Song Festival, Korean Federation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE), also stated:

We’re thankful that Donghae and Seohyun are donating their talents as a way of giving back the love fans have given them from around the world.  We are looking forward to the growth of the sharing culture through UNICEF.  We will work to growing through this music charity event, Asia Song Festival, with top stars from all of Asia, deliving the melody of hope.


Sources:, ch0sshi@soshified & MoonSoshi9@soshified


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