Dating Rumors Spread Taecyeon-Jessica Back!

Dating rumors again circulated among Taecyeon 2PM and SNSD Jessica after they were seen having lunch at a cafe near Dosan Park in Apgujung.

Rumors first appeared in October 2010 (after SHINee’s Jonghyun and actress Shin Se Kyung confirm they were dating). Between SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment quickly denied the rumors that Jessica and Taecyeon’re in a relationship (dating).

In July last, Taecyeon avoid questions about how he knew Jessica’s phone number, one month later, both are seen together in Japan. Every time the media have speculated the relationship, both denied this. and they were just close friends. And again sakali mengkap camera both are together, however, netizens began to wonder again.

On October 4, Taecyeon and Jessica looks after lunch at a cafe for an hour. Although the facilities (cafe) was full of people, they seem to not care about the gaze of choosing to focus on their conversation.

After an hour lunch, they left the cafe. In the process, Taecyeon pay the bill and opened the door to Jessica as they go. Then Jessica gives Taecyeon, who did not have his own car, drove to the dorm.

Jessica is currently busy preparing for SNSD’s comeback (which will be released on October 19), while filming the drama Taecyeon ditengah2 Japanese “Boku to Star No. 99 Nichi”. Agency they stated, “SNSD and 2PM are very close and they often met. It seems both eat together when schedules are both free. ”

Source: Dispatch via Nate

credit: Allkpop

Translated by : @TaniaELFSone on Twitter

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