The Girls Now Sell The Benefits Of Eating Eggs !

You know how we SONEs like to joke that even if the Girls donned potato sacks and sold toilet paper, they would still make a success of the advertising campaign ?


Well, it seems our assumptions on the selling power of the angelic 9 have not fallen on deaf ears ;) . Why ? Would you believe our favourite ladies are now touting the health benefits of eating eggs :D !

Just released online, fresh off the press, so to speak, is an advertising video featuring 5 of the 9 ladies selling the health benefits of egg consumption. I must say, whoever thought of this deserves a pat on the back indeed, because the 5 ladies look so cute and adorable here ;) .

Do check out the video and see if you agree with me on this point. Enjoy !

SNSD Enjoys The Benefits Of Eggs

English translation of the song’s lyrics (courtesy of Gnaw@imwhywhy)

[Egg song lyrics Eng trans]

My favourite food~
Really really very tasty, eggs~
Most balanced nutrient in the world~
Eggs are the gifts of God~
If you eat it, amazing things will happen~
Vitamin, protein, calcium and iron~
Take care of your health~
Also making you become smarter~
The best brain food~

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources:, Inkigayo, soshified, Gnaw@imwhywhy


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