The “Girls” Bring “The Boys” Out In New York City [Very Media Heavy]

Well, both in the figurative and literal sense, the Girls did indeed bring the Boys (both fanboys and fangirls ;) ) out in force during their recent debut performance in the recent SM Town New York concert event.

Held at the famed Madison Square Garden arena over the weekend of 23rd October 2011, the event drew a record crowd of excited fans all eager to listen to our 9 ladies (in addition to the other well-known SM K-Pop acts invited to the event) live.

With their recent comeback hit song “The Boys” being released worldwide on the 19th of October 2011, US SONEs and fans were dying, as it were, to feel the heat of the 9 ladies performance up close and personal :D .

Well, the 9 ladies, as always, did not disappoint and gave a heart-stopping rendition of the new song, in addition to some of their other favourites like “Hoot”, “RDR”, “Genie”, “Gee”, “Kissing You”, “The HaHaHa Song”.

To top it off, some fans also managed to record some of the other performances during the event that involved only 1 or 2 members of SNSD for us to vicariously enjoy.

Anyway, some of the SK staffers were actually present at the event, so do checkout their fan accounts when it is updated here :) .

As a bonus, Soshified actually managed to arrange a fan-meet for the lucky SONES able to stay an extra day in the city. As far as I can gather from the posted fancams, this too was a roaring success :D .

Right, without further ado, sit back and enjoy the media-heavy event that is 2011 SM Town Live In New York  !

Official SM Video of “The Boys” Performance

Seohyun (SNSD) and Kyuhyun (Super Junior) Duet Video

SNSD, ShiNee, SuJu, f(x) Dance Battle Video

Jessica (SNSD) and Krystal (f(x)) Tik Tok Video

SM Town Concert Finale Video

24/10/2011 Fan-meet Videos

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean



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