Teddy Riley Gives Up Response Comment Negative comments netizens!

MV producer of ‘The Boys’ SNSD, Teddy Riley, do not feel love K-Pop on twitter account. After the Wonder Girls released a teaser for their upcoming comeback, haters famed producer soon send tweets more painful than the first did.

Earlier this year, Teddy Riley made ​​a twitter controversy when he referred to when discussing about the Wonder Girls SNSD’s debut in the U.S..

November 1, fans boast about the possibility that the new Wonder Girls song, ‘RU Ready?’ …

would be much better than the song that he made, “The Boys” SNSD.

They tweet messages , among others, “Teaser Wonder Girls more than enough to make you swallow the words that once again you have to say about them,” and “It would be a good day when Teddy Riley ***** k whereon the queen K-Pop really is. ”

Teddy Riley responded with a ‘humble’ and as politely as he could against the negative comments netizen comments.

He said,

“Nice, cool … I hope the best for them … But, you should not talk too fast. Let’s be humble, be humble me as well and see the blessings flow .. Do the same thing and let’s lift it up to the height of success, let’s do it like that … It is not good, low-careful … I do, that’s why God blessed me … I realized my mistake and fix it, so you also have to try it now. Peace to you. ”

credit: soompi


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