B2ST & SNSD welcome the return of Hong Jin-kyung to radio

Hong Jin-kyung back as a DJ for the first time in one year and two months, and the idol group SNSD and B2ST has stepped up to welcome him back into the industry.
Hong Jin-kyung will make a comeback with KBS COOL FM radio program, “Hong Jin Kyung 2:00” which will begin broadcast on 7 November.

B2ST members who are not active during this promotion will make time to visit the studio, though SNSD’s very busy schedule they too will join other celebrities such as legendary Gunmo Kim, Jung Yeob, Boohwal, comedian Insuk Kim, Nam Changhee, and other Yangbaechoo so on. Looks like line of guests will without doubt make the event welcomes back memories for DJs.
DJ is happy because his comeback commented, “I want to offer a fresh and encouraging radio program that will lift the spirits of people who are tired of work. I’ll take over at 2:00 you guys from now on! ”

Hong Jin-kyung is a famous radio DJ who left the industry more than a year ago because of her pregnancy. He will make a return that has been long awaited by Hong Kyung Jin 2:00.

Source & Image : Newsen via Nate

credit: allkpop

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