Wheesung: “I Want to Come Visit My SNSD When draftee”

Wheesung left the entertainment world on November 7, to begin two years of military service, leaving his fans with a final message.

“Even though I am not an idol singer, I am very thankful, Please wait for 2 years .. I will return thanks to you guys for good music, “he said, do respectfully with her hair cut short in front of fans who waited. “I was very calm. It would be a good opportunity to start the second phase of my life, “he said, commenting on his feelings.

“I am the concert yesterday, and I think I can sleep better than my first broadcast, I feel better, because I went to the army after receiving a lot of love ..”

Wheesung also thanked his fellow celebrities peer to peer

. “Many celebrities call me to give the message a message of support, especially Gummy who told me that she would cry .. Hearing the message of this message, it really makes me think that I’ve lead a good life. Thank you ”

to questions about the “girl group you want to view it

“, Wheesung replied,” Because I am close with Sunny, I hope SNSD who can come to visit me .. I will definitely return the favor later on, so I want them to come visit.

Fellow artist and Tae Woo Kim Tae Jin Ah representatives from the company came to see him go.

“Military experience will be a big help for her music career post-military,” they said.

“When he comes back, he will be able to focus solely on his music.”

Although Wheesung released from active duty before a shoulder injury, he was cleared to serve as active after treatment and regular exercise.

Source: Star News

credit : allkpop

trans : @TaeTeukTania

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