Google’s Plan To Make Special Channel K-Pop!

Event historic event in the world of K-pop recently been made Kpop increasingly famous throughout the world. Events such as SMTOWN Concert Event in Paris and New York, also an international award for Big Bang MTV EMA in Belfast that provides a surprise victory, proving that continuous coverage Kpop pervasive that it seems everyone is trying to use it.

News emerged today revealed that Google plans to make the channel K-Pop amongst other things things. An article written by the Wall Street Journal reveals some interesting rumors around Google and the company’s interest in the Korean media. The article also wrote a good discussion about K-Pop group SNSD and their American promotion.

Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, has been a long journey to Seoul, and during the next few days, he plans to meet with some executives of other executives of the company’s leading IT companies. His first visit was to meet with President Lee Myung Bak to discuss a joint team between Google and the Korean IT companies.

One idea coming Mr. Schmidt is Google going to make a YouTube channel which will be devoted solely to K-Pop eye.Many of the international success of K-Pop received thanks to Youtube. Also, K-Pop video video recently got a spotlight on the front page of Youtube, the added attention to immigrant newcomers poluler growing genre.

On Tuesday, Mr. Schmidt is scheduled to hold a press conference in which there is speculation that he will reveal the results of other major agreements related to Korea. Including investment rumors of Google as a company that is likely to buy a mobile search engines Korean Daum. This integration will still put Google behind Naver, a popular mobile search’s NHN Corporation, which currently controls more than half of the mobile search engine market.

credit : soompi
trans : tania

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