Wonder Girls Answering Rumor: Delays Album Those Because SNSD?

Wonder Girls have stated that they have the confidence, but howthe release of their comeback make fans question the confidencethat. Wonder Girls decided to postpone their comeback threeweeks, despite the obvious competition between the twogirlgroup been anticipated. People say that their comeback was delayed because of fear of competition against SNSD it.

Sun Ye: There is much debate on how we execute our plansplans for this new album even after the decision has been made ​​to comeback in Korea. Finally, the album was made, but there are many differences of opinion related to the regularity andirregularity. The decision to even make a comeback is notplanned in advance, so the time we had to do a very limitedpreparation. For fans in Korea we decided to make a comeback,and it’s just a matter of time needed to create and set up good music.

Yoo Bin: We have been in this business for 4 or 5 years, and this is our first time together with SNSD comeback, so we are veryaware that both groups will be compared and pitted against eachother. But this does not mean we should always be aware of itand with careful planning-related competition. Popular media in the media there are different types of requests for what thepeople want. What can not we make and give, SNSD there to fill the void, and vice versa. we’re just very happy and thankful we were able to contribute in an active market called K-Pop.

The girls also revealed that SNSD is a great colleague and friendwho works for the same purpose, spreading the influence ofK-Pop. The girls have been monitoring the hard work of SNSDwith their latest single, “The Boys,” and very excited to perform in the same time.

credit : soompi

trans : tania

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