CEO Kim Young Min, “A Train To Finding & SNSD Member Cost 3 Million Dollar Spent!”

SM Entertainment CEO Kim Young Min explains the story behindSNSD created.

On November 4, Young Min Kim emerged together with SMEntertainment Japan Shigeo Maruyama in Japan FBS TV show”Tokoro, Sanma’s Who Is Moving the World Discussion.” KimYoung Min talked about how successful K-Pop and directivesneed to be taken now.

First, K-Pop chose “a comprehensive training system” as one ofthe main reasons for the success of K-Pop. Kim Young Minstated, “If a group concept is selected, then a member memberstart their foreign language training language, dance and sing.”He explained that the average training period is 3-5 years, DBSKtrained nearly 7 years.

He also explained that find and train each member SNSD cost an estimated $ 3 million dollars per member. There are about 30,000 individuals who took the audition audition BC and only 100 people who received training. The cost of doing an auditionand training to achieve approximately $ 3 ~ 5 Million

Young Min Kim stated, “The most important thing for our companyis finding new talent and help them grow,” audsi held auditions in korea, Japan, America and China.

He continued, “I think the most important aspect of training is to train the personality of a celebrity.” He told me many times whenan experienced individual suddenly becomes a star, their judgments are not clear. Therefore, it is always important toensure trainees trainees learn about the principle through dormlife and family.

Kim Young Min also adds marketing research, internet andmedia aspects of the stone that also other aspects of Kpop whohelped make this a success.

credit: Soompi

trans : taeyeonia @ snsd | girls generation activity news

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