This rating Idols Which People Want to Give Pepero In “Pepero Day”

2AM and SNSD was chosen as an idol group that you want togive Pepero in Pepero day.

The biggest movie site Max Movie ( held asurvey that asked “Who is the group of female and male idol group that you want to send Pepero Pepero in the day?” Surveywas conducted from 2 to 9 November. There are 1590 netizenswho took part of this survey and the results 2AM accept 515people (32.4%) as a man of the people want to give PeperoPepero in the day.

Followed by the Big Bang in second place with 196 votes(12.3%), 2PM at the third position with 170 votes (10.7%), SHINee in fourth with 160 votes (10.1%), and JYJ in fifth with 146votes (9.2%), BEAST in sixth position with 136 (8.6%), SuperJunior in seventh position with 129 (8.1%), in the eighth positionthere is TVXQ with 74 (4.7%) , MBLAQ positioned ninth with 64people (4.0%).

For women there SNSD’s ranking in first position with the number of votes of 967 people (56.5%), then there 2NE1 in second place with 163 people (9.5%), the third positioned there KARA 134(7.8%), in fourth position MISS A 124 (7.2%), fifth Wonder Girls98 (5.7%).

NOTE: In Korea known as Pocky Pepero and they also havePepero Day every 11 November, because it sticks Pepero like11/11. Day Pepero sort of Valentine’s Day but instead they sentPepero chocolate.

source : nate

trans : taniaelf

Via: Bigbangforlife


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