Seohyun and her Selca from Time Machine

This selca of Seohyun has been revealed from the shooting of “Time Machine.”  She said, “Hello everyone from the mobile fansite! It’s Seohyun. Today I will show a scene from the shooting of “Time Machine”! In this music video I tried out acting! To convey my emotions well I concentrated during the shooting, but the crying scene while looking at a picture was a little hard. It was because the picture was…of a foreigner man, who looked like Tarzan, leaning against tree!! I really couldn’t stop laughing and it was hard to put in emotions (laughs).”

Haha, oh man, why that type of picture?  I totally would’ve thought it’d be a real picture of maybe a grandparent that had passed or somebody she knew that had passed.  Way to make it more challenging for her SM in her first attempt at acting :P .



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I'm just ordinary girl . I am very very very like SNSD !! especially Taeyeon :*

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