Jessica’s Selcas from San Francisco

A few selcas surfaced today of Jessica from her original home town of San Francisco!  Yes, that’s right.  The city by the bay!  I wonder what she was doing back home?  Visiting relatives?  Or maybe it was a business trip for some photo shoots?  Maybe the coming days will reveal more on why she came back.  She’s looking mighty glad to be back home!  She also said, “Reporting in alive!! ^0^I~ am alive kekeke. From San Francisco, Sic”

This second pictures looks to be in Union Square if I know my geography right?  I wonder if any SONEs recognized her?  She actually looks half normal in these pictures and not so goddess like :P .  I’m sure it was nice to walk around and not have loads of fans swarming for pictures and autographs :) .

Credits:, oniontaker for trans


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