SNSD to be Appointed Ambassadors for Korean Retinitis Pigmentosa Society

SNSD has been appointed ambassadors for the Korean Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (KRPS)!


KRPS is an organization that helps visually impaired people by doing research on the disease, while also rehabilitating those effect by the disease.

A representative of KRPS said, “Recently, through research that was conducted overseas, a lot of people have been able to regain their sights. But in Korea, there aren’t a lot of facilities that supported such research.”

They continued, “Even with these difficulties, thanks to K-Pop and Girls’ Generation, as well as Girls’ Generation’s international fansite ‘Soshified’, which consisted of many fans from America and Canada, decided to help raise funds for our organisation. Also an agency in Australia called ‘Aus2one Entertainment’ has organised a small K-Pop concert to be held in July in two cities, Sydney and Melbourne, calling the event, ‘KRPS Charity Concert’.” Lastly, they expressed their gratitude saying, “Even though it is an organisation outside their own country, to help out with a cause in Korea, we are just delighted and very grateful.”

They also said, “Girls’ Generation’s members have had interest in this cause and have frequently donated to this society. When we asked SM Entertainment about the members being appointed ambassadors, they happily accepted our request.”

There will be a ceremony on April 14th at the Ara Marina Convention in Gimpo, Kyeong-gi Do.

I’m really glad that SNSD not only has the star power to entertain us as fans, but also use that power to help people who are really in need.  Just another reason why our girls are totally jjang!  SNSD hwaiting!



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I'm just ordinary girl . I am very very very like SNSD !! especially Taeyeon :*

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