More Soshi Baby-G Goodness Released Online

As SONEs all over the world would know by now, electronics giant Casio has contracted the 9 ladies of Soshi to promote their Baby-G range of timepieces in 12 Asian-Pacific countries (see link). Well, as an adjuct to this wonderful piece of news for SONEs everywhere, a short BTS video of the making of this Casio advertisement has been officially released online for everyone to enjoy :D .

I must say, the 9 ladies all look Gorgeous and so Adorably Dorky in the film (especially Taeyeon and Sooyoung :lol: ). I absolutely Love it :) !

If that were not enough, 3 of the Soshi ladies (Tiffany, Yoona and Seohyun) also gave a short video “plug” for this new range of limited edition Baby-G watches. Just watching Tiffany enthuse over “her” watch design almost makes me want to buy one right now (N.O.W.) ;) .

I really must say that Casio has certainly scored a marketing coup here by signing on Soshi to promote their watches. Exceed their 2011 sales target by 50% more in 2013 ? More likely it will be at least a 100% increase in sales judging by the anticipated response from SONEs from these 12 Asian-Pacific countries so far :D !

Right, without furt

Soshi Baby-G BTS Video

Tiffany Video

Yoona Video

Seohyun Video


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