SNSD Members Shows Support For Hyoyeon In DWTS2 Semi-Finals~

Yup thats right! For those who havent been following or lost track of Hyoyeon in Dancing With The Stars 2, Hyoyeon as expected of the Dancing Master, made it to the semi-finals. An exciting episode cannot be complete without the other member’s support! So, to show their lubby lub lub love, Taeyeon, Yuri, Tiffany and Jessica all showed their support in their own cute and hilarious dorkie ways!

First up, Taeyeon (who once again is the odd one out lmao), Yuri and Tiffany came to this weeks episode and took a photo with a peace sign along with Hyoyeon and Park JiWoo.


With an adorkable photo from the U.S Girls, both Tiffany and Sica shows a funny Selca along with a little message!

Hi SONE^^♥

Has it been too long since we’ve last met?? ㅋㅋ

Hmm.. since today is a very important day.. I have just one favor to ask you ㅠ!!~

Today is the Ppwany-acknowledged REAL DANCING MACHINE Kim Hyoraeng’s SEMI-FINAL day!!

For Hyoyeon who has been working hard, to show even more more more more more more (x922)

strong support, cheer for her with passion on such an important day like this~

Let’s vote for her and watch the original broadcast *together*!ㅋ

PS. Let’s watch together later ㅇ_ㅇ!!ㅋㅋ


+ BONUS w/ jess

Since we know Hyoraengie’s number is #1…

With a unique pose, with an impactful pose! ㅋ

Hyoyeon ppwaiting

Think thats it? No way José! It still wouldnt be complete without S♥NES support! Sones supported Hyoyeon in a special and wonderful way which cheered Hyoyeon up so much that she ate herself!…. Literally! A specially made cake with an amazing image of Hyoyeon was printed along with a little message. Although it would be against the LAW to eat her face off, it does look damn delicious! nomnomonmonmonomno. A very well done to K-Sones!

It’s Hyoyeon.

Recently, in Korea I’ve been appearing on a program where I try out a new genre of dance every week ^^

The choreography is different every time so I try my hardest during practice~.
Even backstage I watch videos and dance… (laughs)

And after a recording I received a present from fans~!!

This is a “Mochi Cake” ☆

Does it look like me~? (laughs)

I delightfully ate it with the staff and everyone else~!

Thanks for the meal ^^

Source: Kymmie,, SMEntertainmentJapan, redsunset, soshified, taccoyaki, tossi, Jiwoo’s Twitter


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