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SNSD Leaves A Message For Sones~

As one of several surprises in store for fans attending SNSD’s ‘Debut 5th Anniversary Party‘, each member left a message on a postcard expressing their gratitude to their fans. The party is currently taking place at the Ehwa Womans University.


Taeyeon: Thank you for always giving us strength whenever we meet^^ Look forward to the next fanmeet too. We’ve gotten closer, right? hehehe ♥ ♥

Jessica: SONE, hi~ ^ㅡ^ Fun and enjoyably. Bbyong~ ♥

Sunny: Already 5 years?! Kkyak!! From now on, 5 years, 500 years..

Tiffany: It’s five years now.. there were lots of.. tears.. and we’ve gone through so many happy things.. I’m really happy and thankful.. from now on.. “I want to dream with you (with SONE) forever.” ♥ I love you. Really. ♥ (Translator’s note: Tiffany is using lyrics from “Forever”.)

Hyoyeon: I’ve waited for today~!! Should we [illegible] today~~?! (Translator’s note: the word cannot be read from the image.) Hehe. Let’s go and make good memories! Always! Thank you ^.^!! ♥ ~ ~

Yuri: Waaaa~oh! Anniversary! Oh Oh Oh 555 Oh~! Oh~ Fifth anniversary oh oh oh!! (Translator’s note: ‘oh’ is one way to say 5 in Korean.)

Sooyoung: I give infinite thanks and love to you who have been with us for the past 5 years. Until 5 years becomes 50. And until 500 years, will you love us?! Yes!! :) *

Yoona: It’s been such a long time!! Couldn’t we… See each other more often..? keke. Everything from today… Let’s keep it to ourselves~ ♥

Seohyun: Tell me your wish~ I’ll listen~ Tell me your~ wish There is a never ending line of people outside who wish~ (intending as ‘SONE’) for me~ A date with SONE that I’ve waited and waited for!! Today!! Let’s enjoy ♥ (Translator’s note: Seohyun is using lyrics from “Genie” and “Twinkle”.)

Meanwhile, SNSD’s fans bought a newspaper ads space to celebrate SNSD’s 5th anniversary. The actual date of the girls’ 5th anniversary is on 5th August, but prior to Tiffany’s birthday which is on 1st August, Sones published the ads earlier than expected. Written as the title of the ads,”Thank you! Thank you for being our stars! We’re very happy to be SNSD fans”.

And to top all that! Here is a fun bonus picture for y’all to LOL at! Featuring YoonSicSeo when they were in Phuket;

Source: Yurui912@Twitter, dkpopnews


Hyo Wonderland

Still reminiscing about the glorious times in Dancing with the Stars 2? Then take a glance, aka a long long stare, at this magnificent, almost fantastical photo of Hyoyeon with her dance partner during their final performance on the show. With the lighting and the that perfect pose..looks magical~


Also from the finale, the group photo:

Source: wonderfulgeneration


Pink Attack!

I think we all know what I’m talking about here. It’s back to pink again with Ceci magazine. This time, it has released a behind-the-scenes clip from Tiffany’s pictorial. Everything is so pink pink piinnnnnkkk! I’m gonna burst from all that lovely adorable cute sexy pinnkkkkk!!!!! ..and from Fanny’s lovely adorable cute sexy poses…

Source: wonderfulgeneration, cecikoreatv@youtube


[Updated] Dancing With The Stars Season 2 Finals~

Update – Added video of Hyoyeon after the announcement [Eng Sub]

The time has come to announce the Winner of ‘Dancing With The Stars Season 2′.

After many weeks of practicing, sleeps of up to 2 or 3 hours max, pressured and nerves like never before, After weeks of endless battle between Expert Dance Couples, the final dance off which will decide the King and Queen of dancers will be decided (maybe not that dramatic :D ). A fierce match between SNSD’s Hyoyeon with Kim HyungSuk and Choi YeoJin with Park JiWoo.

Hyoyeon’s has a slight disadvantage since she only experts in non-contact dancing while her opponent is experts in many dance skills such as ballet etc. However both sides has worked their bums off battling others in previous weeks as each time was tough. A slight slip and both dance couples could never have made the finals and would have been eliminated long ago.

Finally, in this last episode of Dancing with the Stars 2, Hyoyeon and her partner danced to the tune of ‘Espana Cani‘, which awarded them a total of 29 out of 30 points (10, 9, 10). For their 2nd performance, they danced to‘Hush Hush‘ which gave them the exact same score, 29 out of 30 points. However was this enough to crownHyoyeon and HungSuk the winners of this season? See for yourself;

First Round (Performance 1)

Second Round (Performance 2)

Winners Announcement

What ever the results come to (no spoilers for u B) ), a Congratulations must be said to Hyoyeon and HyungSuk as well as Choi YeoJin and Park JiWoo. They all worked hard and now they can be at ease and rest! Congratz~~

Meanwhile, Maknae Seo and Maknae Yoon were both in the audience supporting until their hands bled!

A Selca was also taken during the backstage of the show. With a smile on their faces and a last ‘Boing boing’ here are their Selcas and messege;

Hello~ This is Hyoyeon~~
Dancing with the Stars 2 !
Those who have cheered me on every Friday until now~
And fans who also voted~~~~~!
I sincerely thank you~~>_< From now on, I will show you a new and greater me So keep supporting me~♥~ And Hyungsuk who did this with me, thank you so much~~ 


Hyoyeon after the Announcement

Source:, Sosiz, ch0sshi, SNSD0724N, MBC

New LG 3D TV Cfs

LG’s 3D TV has really taken full advantage of the endorsement of SNSD and the promotions! Here comes two new cfs, one involving all 9 members and another with Sooyoung and Sunny. Check them out below!

Anyone feel like he/she’s in heaven yet?

Source: wonderfulgeneration, Soonkyu515@Youtube


Unreleased Photos from Gee!

gee gee gee gee baby baby baby.. Feeling nostalgic, anyone? 3 years later, the Gee craze in still not over yet: SM has revealed some unreleased photos from SNSD’s Gee mini-album back in 2009! Check them out below!


Two lines come to mind as I’m looking at the photos:

neomu banjjak banjjak nooni booshuh no no no no no
neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh

(So bright so bright My eyes are blinded no no no no no
So surprised surprised I’m shocked oh oh oh oh oh)

❤ SONE forever ❤

Source: wonderfulgeneration


Seohyun + Hyoyeon = …?

Looks like maknae Seohyun and prankster Hyoyeon are going to be the next hottest Soshi couple! Following their appearance on Nylon Magazine, their LG’s 3D TV pictorials have been released together. Is it a coincidence? Or is this a foretelling of events to come…


Source: wonderfulgeneration


Seohyun for TheFaceShop

What with all the Baby-G, Mamonde (Yuri), lenses (Yoona), Nylon Korea, and London Olympics promotions, it feels like it has been eons since we’ve heard from TheFaceShop. Check out the ever-famous Korean Cosmetics brand’s newest promotional photos with Sunflower Seohyun!


And just in case you missed the previous ones, here they are!

Source: Wonderfulgeneration

Yuri Sparkling for Mamonde

Mamonde is promoting Yuri for their products like craazy! But I guess that’s okay because we get to see more of our goddess’s charm and beauty. ❤ her smile ❤ Anyway, check out Yuri in the new Mamonde promotional photos below!


Did that really say “Sun Milk”?!

Source: Wonderfulgeneration


It’s the Jung Sisters’ Turn for Some Looovee

I guess the Jung sisters aren’t to be brought down by the Choi sisters (in recent promo video for charity). Check out some aegyo-filled sisterly love from Jessica and Krystal pictures below! They are seen posing with Super Junior’s Yesung and Eunhyuk.


Source: wonderfulgeneration