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Hyo Wonderland

Still reminiscing about the glorious times in Dancing with the Stars 2? Then take a glance, aka a long long stare, at this magnificent, almost fantastical photo of Hyoyeon with her dance partner during their final performance on the show. With the lighting and the that perfect pose..looks magical~


Also from the finale, the group photo:

Source: wonderfulgeneration


Pink Attack!

I think we all know what I’m talking about here. It’s back to pink again with Ceci magazine. This time, it has released a behind-the-scenes clip from Tiffany’s pictorial. Everything is so pink pink piinnnnnkkk! I’m gonna burst from all that lovely adorable cute sexy pinnkkkkk!!!!! ..and from Fanny’s lovely adorable cute sexy poses…

Source: wonderfulgeneration, cecikoreatv@youtube


New LG 3D TV Cfs

LG’s 3D TV has really taken full advantage of the endorsement of SNSD and the promotions! Here comes two new cfs, one involving all 9 members and another with Sooyoung and Sunny. Check them out below!

Anyone feel like he/she’s in heaven yet?

Source: wonderfulgeneration, Soonkyu515@Youtube


Unreleased Photos from Gee!

gee gee gee gee baby baby baby.. Feeling nostalgic, anyone? 3 years later, the Gee craze in still not over yet: SM has revealed some unreleased photos from SNSD’s Gee mini-album back in 2009! Check them out below!


Two lines come to mind as I’m looking at the photos:

neomu banjjak banjjak nooni booshuh no no no no no
neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh

(So bright so bright My eyes are blinded no no no no no
So surprised surprised I’m shocked oh oh oh oh oh)

❤ SONE forever ❤

Source: wonderfulgeneration


Seohyun + Hyoyeon = …?

Looks like maknae Seohyun and prankster Hyoyeon are going to be the next hottest Soshi couple! Following their appearance on Nylon Magazine, their LG’s 3D TV pictorials have been released together. Is it a coincidence? Or is this a foretelling of events to come…


Source: wonderfulgeneration


Hyo And Seo’s Pictures From ‘Nylon’

‘Nylon’ magazine has been released, and with colourful and Funky Fashion, Hyoyeon and Seohyun is featured in this issue!

Also anyone noticed an Easter egg? … Uh huh! Whats that on top of Seohyun’s head?? A Dragon …. hm … Dragon in Korean = Yong …. Seohyun used to call someone by the nickname ‘Yonggggg’ :D


Source: Sosiz, Nylon


SNSD to represent Korean Culture

SNSD was selected to help promote Korean culture by being on information pamphlets with various Korean culture contents.


They are on pamphlets promoting “Hangul,” the Korean language, “Hanshik,” Korean food, “Hanbok,” traditional Korean clothing, “Hanji,” traditional paper and “Hanok,” traditional houses.

50,000 of these will be distributed at the Yeosu Expo and another 30,000 to the 2012 London Olympics.  20,000 more copies will be distributed to universities around the world.

I’m glad that our ladies are popular enough to represent the entire country of Korea on these brochures!  It just shows how power they carry around with them and how well known they are internationally.



Seohyun for TheFaceShop

What with all the Baby-G, Mamonde (Yuri), lenses (Yoona), Nylon Korea, and London Olympics promotions, it feels like it has been eons since we’ve heard from TheFaceShop. Check out the ever-famous Korean Cosmetics brand’s newest promotional photos with Sunflower Seohyun!


And just in case you missed the previous ones, here they are!

Source: Wonderfulgeneration

Yuri Sparkling for Mamonde

Mamonde is promoting Yuri for their products like craazy! But I guess that’s okay because we get to see more of our goddess’s charm and beauty. ❤ her smile ❤ Anyway, check out Yuri in the new Mamonde promotional photos below!


Did that really say “Sun Milk”?!

Source: Wonderfulgeneration


It’s the Jung Sisters’ Turn for Some Looovee

I guess the Jung sisters aren’t to be brought down by the Choi sisters (in recent promo video for charity). Check out some aegyo-filled sisterly love from Jessica and Krystal pictures below! They are seen posing with Super Junior’s Yesung and Eunhyuk.


Source: wonderfulgeneration